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Batana Natural Hair Growth oil

Batana Natural Hair Growth oil

4.7 out of 5 stars Based on 6324 reviews
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More Hair In 30 Days, Or money Back

Simple as that. We're so confident you'll see results with our Batana Oil that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Final Solution For Your Hair Problems

Crafted With100% Honduran Batana, this batana oil is the end-all be-all to yourhair problems. Throw away all those useless creams. Inless than 3 weeksof using this oil expect your hair toshine!

100% Handmade in La Mosquitia, Honduras

Each bottle of GrowthGlow’s batana oil is handcrafted by the Miskito people in La Mosquitia, Honduras. Using traditional methods, they ensure the highest quality and purity, bringing you the authentic benefits of this time-honored remedy.

  • Safe On Sensitive Hair

    our Batana OIl is perfect for all hair types, including sensitive scalps, providing nourishment without irritation. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to naturally beautiful hair with our soothing and safe formula.

  • Reverse Years Of Damage

    Our Batana Oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft, replenishing lost moisture and repairing damage from within, leaving your hair stronger and more resilient. With regular use, experience the transformative power of our botanical elixir as it restores shine, softness, and vitality to even the most damaged locks.

  • Collagen Superhero

    Batana Oil is rich in nutrients that support collagen production, helping to improve hair elasticity and strength. This is beneficial for maintaining healthy hair growth and reducing the risk of breakage, resulting in hair that looks and feels more vibrant and resilient over time.

  • Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

    Start with clean, damp hair for optimal absorption.

  • Step 2: Apply the Oi

    Dispense a small amount of GrowthGlow batana oil into your palm. Gently massage it into your scalp, working from the roots to the tips of your hair.

  • Step 3: Leave it On

    Allow the oil to penetrate your hair and scalp. For best results, leave it on for at least 30 minutes. For deeper conditioning, you can leave it on overnight.

  • Step 4: Rinse and Style

    Rinse thoroughly with your favorite shampoo. Follow with your regular hair care routine.

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Beware Of Scams

Unfortunately, many of our competitors steal our formula and try to pass it off as their own, substituting synthetic Batana Oil for the genuine product.

  • Sarah B.

    After using this hair growth oil for a few weeks, I've noticed a significant improvement in the thickness and strength of my hair. It's also become shinier and more manageable. I'm loving the results!

    Sarah, Downtown LA 
  • Alexis H.

    This Batana oil is working well! I’ve used it twice on hair and have seen a difference in my hair! I don’t have much eye brow hair so I started putting batana every night on them as well, I have also seen growth on my eye brow hair already! I’m so happy to have found this!

    Alex, Miami 
  • Sarah C.

    So far I am loving this "oil". Solid at room temp, but melts quickly on skin and easily absorbed with no oily residue. Some have mentioned the smell. Reminds me of coffee, but not - it is an earthy fragrance that dissipates pretty quick. I quite like it though. Thank you! Will report after using over time.

    Sarah, Texas