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Anti-aging LED facial mask

Anti-aging LED facial mask

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The anti-aging LED facial mask you need!

Do you need a new LED light face mask that combines functionality and efficiency? This model is all you need. It has all the essential functions to reduce acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles and blemishes on the face

LED light therapy applied to the skin

It’s one of the most versatile anti-aging technologies you can find. Since NASA scientists demonstrated its benefits on wound healing, LED light has become the favorite of aesthetics and dermatology professionals due to its many advantages, which are highly effective and minimally invasive. This is a system of reduced-spectrum LED light-emitting diodes that are emitted when current passes through their terminals.

Photon therapy is known for the countless rapid and effective benefits it provides. Besides the blue light, this LED mask comes with 6 other lights that will allow you to reduce redness and fine lines, reduce inflammation, speed up metabolism, lighten spots, increase collagen production .

The LED mask for home use that you need

Its great advantage is that, although the initial investment is high, it pays off from the first uses. Indeed, it is a professional treatment in the comfort of your home. Its operation couldn't be simpler. Additionally, it comes with a USB charger.

This mask therefore allows you to carry out unlimited treatment sessions at home. The seven lights are designed to satisfy seven different skin needs: anti-aging, anti-spots, anti-acne, anti-redness, dull, stressed/healed skin and anti-sagging.

It is therefore a must-have tool for lightening and taking care of your skin. Skin rejuvenation, anti-acne and wrinkle removal, this model has it all. So what are you waiting for to order it?



1. Clean your face thoroughly (there should be no traces of makeup or impurities) then let it dry.

2. Plug in and activate your mask.

3. Choose the color and intensity that suits you and the desired result.

4. Gently place the LED mask on your face and sit comfortably for 15 minutes (never more) and follow the recommendations.

5. Remove your mask.

6. Directly apply a deep moisturizer or a suitable serum to nourish your skin at the end of each session. In fact, the warmer the skin, the more the active ingredients will penetrate. So now is the right time to take advantage of it.

Tip: accompany this moment with relaxation based on controlled breathing, inhaling, exhaling deeply and slowly. Nothing better than a subtle meditation to optimize this light therapy session.

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